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Bodyfit Concepts provides fitness training and lifestyle counseling, massage therapy and tips on foods and nutritional supplements.  We believe in the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, and we will strive to help you reach your wellness goals and guide you in maintaining those goals.

Bodyfit Concepts provides a range of services related to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle.  We offer: 

Personal Fitness Training:

Customized programs, designed to achieve specific goals with special emphasis on improving flexibility, balance, core strength, overall strength and nutrition.
Body assessments are included in each program. Periodic assessments track progress. Body assessments help to determine whether adjustments need to be made to the program. Information gathered:  weight, blood pressure, pulse rate, body fat, body-mass index, measurements taken as well. Also, posture and movement is observed to assess structural and functional efficiency.
Weight loss support is a must in combination with safe and effective workouts.  A healthy diet and nutrition counseling, an exercise program and a good attitude will get you where you need to be.  The overall benefits are enhanced performance during functional activities, improved confidence and self-esteem, and a healthy weight management program to support a healthy lifestyle.
Massage Therapy:
In everyday life, we can all benefit from massage therapy to help us deal with the daily strains and stresses.  The application of therapeutic massage techniques are essential when muscles are painfully tense as massage coaxes muscles to relax, improves circulation and aids in the removal of toxic waste.  Massage therapy promotes the healing process.

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