Welcome to Bodyfit Concepts sharing health and wellness with the world.  

Massage Therapy, Access Bars & Functional Fitness Training

Bodyfit Concepts provides massage therapy, Access Consciousness Bars and functional fitness training.  We believe in the importance of a balanced lifestyle, and we will strive to help you reach your wellness goals and guide you in maintaining those goals. 
Bodyfit Concepts provides a range of services related to helping you feel better, live better, BE better.  We offer: 

Massage Therapy:

In everyday life, we can all benefit from massage therapy to help us deal with the daily strains and stresses.  The application of therapeutic massage techniques are essential when muscles are painfully tense as massage coaxes muscles to relax, improves circulation and aids in the removal of toxic waste.  Massage therapy promotes the healing process.

Access Bars:

A body process that involves activating 32 points on the head.  The process can truly bring about life changes by helping to clear limitations in thinking, improve body movement, and, at the least, bring about a sense of peace and relaxation. 


Personal Fitness Training:

Customized programs, designed to achieve specific goals with special emphasis on improving flexibility, balance, core strength, overall strength and nutrition. Body assessments are included with each program, with periodic assessments to track progress.


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